Voice Translator

Voice Translator
Speak to Translate!

Alive Voice Translator is the most unique text and voice translator that turns your device into an interpreter instantly. Voice to voice translate. More than 100 languages are supported. FREE to download!

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Alive Voice Translator

Our Key Features


Speech translations are supported, allowing you to do voice to voice conversations. Simply speak and Alive Voice Translator will do all the work for you!


Communicate effectively with people from all over the world! Text translations support over 100 languages and voice translations support over 50 languages.

6 Translations Provided

Different translate engines are good at different languages. Our voice translator intergrates six translate engines, so you can simply tap to choose the best translation for the language you want.


Since the cellphone's microphone and speaker are on the bottom of the device, we recommend you to turn your phone upside
down. Alive Voice Translator will automatically rotate.
Then, you can point the microphone and speaker
to you or other people easily.


We integrate calculators, browsers, maps and more into Alive Voice Translator. It allows you to talk to someone who speaks different languages while using these tools.

Easy to Share

Just tap and hold the translation. A menu will display.

What People Say

This is an amazing app. Once I installed it, I was able to communicate with any people all over the world for my business.

CEO/Founder at demolink.org

When talking to our customers, it is very important to pay attention to their every wish. With Alive Voice Translator app it became possible!

Sales Manager at demolink.org

Alive Voice Translator allowed me to take care of every side of our customers. It is a perfect assistance tool!

Developer at demolink.org